Desktop app for users

Technicians and only consultation

Application Technicians and Consultation It was created especially for consultation-only users and technical users in charge of executing and providing feedback on maintenance work.

Free and unlimited users to use the Technicians and Consultation desktop application

You can install this app on as many computers as you want. You do not require a license to run this app.

User functions Consultation only

Free and Unlimited

This type of user is suitable for people who enter the MP only to make inquiries.

Consult all the information regarding equipment and locations
Consult maintenance plans
Check maintenance schedules
Consult OT'S
Check alerts
Check histories
Check consumptions and spare parts assigned to each team
Check guarantees
Consult providers and services
Check availability of tools
Check upcoming maintenance plans
Check spare parts stock

Technical user functions

Free and Unlimited

The technical user is suitable for the technicians who execute and feed back maintenance work.

This type of user is also suitable for technicians taking readings and measurements of equipment.

Perform all user functions only query.
Mark the activities of the OT'S
Record equipment readings (eg, mileage, hours of use, etc.).
Record measurements (eg, temperature, amperage, wear, etc.).
Generate warehouse vouchers
Record consumption of used spare parts
Add observations in OT'S
Flag equipment that is out of service
Record time dedicated to the execution of each OT
Add pictures of how the team was doing before and after jobs

Note: It is necessary to have at least one user with full access.
The restrictions of Basic, Professional and Enterprise MP apply. See comparison table

MPsoftware provides the tools to your maintenance personnel to comply with the certification standards.

Free technical support

via phone, chat or e-mail.

Our group of specialized consultants will gladly answer any questions that may arise during the installation, implementation or operation of the MP maintenance software. We also recommend that you consult our 24/7 Learning Center site.

Training courses

Optionally, we offer training courses in our offices or at your facilities.
For more than 25 years we have reinforced the learning of MP maintenance software with the delivery of face-to-face training courses with highly qualified personnel on the subject of maintenance management.
If you want to learn the CMMS MP in a self-taught way, visit our learning center with tutorial videos, diagrams and tips.

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