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Spare parts inventory

Every detail is designed for absolute and professional control of your spare parts. Discover the potential that the MP version 10 inventory system offers.

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*Also included in the MP Professional and Business Suite version 10.

Complete documentation of spare parts

The spare parts inventory allows you to supplement the information of the spare parts with images, attachments and specifications


The option of managing several warehouses (Multi-warehouses) is very useful for those companies that have products located in more than one warehouse. When the Multi-warehouses option is activated, the program allows transferring between warehouses, checking the stock of a product in each of the warehouses, valuing the inventory by warehouse and on a consolidated basis.

Warehouse comparison

The MP inventory system allows you to consult all the relevant information from different warehouses on a grid, allowing you to consult between warehouses the stock of spare parts, costs, movements, locations, etc.

Stock control by warehouse

Check the existence of spare parts and consumables by warehouse or in a consolidated way.

User management by warehouse

It manages the permissions of the database users so that they can only access the information of the warehouse or warehouses that correspond to them.

Tool for taking physical inventory

It facilitates the online or offline physical inventory survey and, where appropriate, performs the necessary adjustment movements resulting from differences between the physical inventory and the registered stocks.

Inventory valuation

The system allows inventory to be valued by any of the following methods:
LIFO, FIFO, Monetary or replacement price, Weighted average.

Movements of inputs and outputs of spare parts

The entry and exit of products to the warehouse is done through foliated documents. Each time a new entry or exit document is registered, the program adds a consecutive folio number to said document that can be tracked and consulted at any time.

Resource flow

The MP calculates the spare parts to be used in the following weeks, months or years considering the resources assigned to maintenance activities and the dates scheduled to be carried out.

Management of equivalent brands for the same product

The MP's inventory control system allows the management of brands and equivalent barcodes for the same product.

Graphic indicator of coverage

A graphical indicator shows you the months of coverage you have for each product. The coverage calculation is made based on your stock and the rotation or flow of resources of the spare parts assigned to maintenance activities. In this way, you will have the coverage calculation accurately depending on your needs.

Supply alerts

The MP's inventory system alerts you to the resources that need to be provisioned. Alerts can be configured by the user so that they always keep their stocks at the appropriate levels for their warehouse.

Alert of stocks lower than maintenance requirements

From the inventory of spare parts, the warehouseman will be able to know at any time the list and quantities of spare parts to be supplied according to the warehouse vouchers generated by the maintenance personnel. When stocks are insufficient to meet the requirements, an alert will be issued in the MP.

Stock alert below minimum level

The program alerts you to all those products out of stock or with stocks below the minimum level.

The spare parts inventory of the MP version 10 suite is the best tool available for the professional management of your spare parts.

Efficiently control stock of materials and spare parts, entry and exit movements, supply calculation, physical inventories, warehouse vouchers and more.