What can the MP be integrated with?

Sensors and gauges

Condition-Based Maintenance uses sensors and gauges to track actual equipment usage, operating hours and mileage. Sensors and meters also allow us to know the conditions of the equipment in real time, such as vibration, temperature and pressure. By integrating your CMMS MP with any of these systems you will eliminate the uncertainty of entering readings manually.

ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software organizes all the different elements of a business, such as inventory, accounting, sales, human resources, and more. By integrating your maintenance software with your company's ERP you will be able to share maintenance data, asset life cycle, spare parts inventories and all PM fields

Other third-party integrations

Many organizations have their own specific applications that they would like to integrate with their CMMS. Many technologies are used today to connect CMMS software with other software applications, but the integration of the systems depends on the needs and budget limitations of the company. This world of third-party CMMS integration has opened up new opportunities for maintenance managers who want to further automate their operations.

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Feasibility study

It is the analysis carried out prior to software development. Its objective is to measure the resources and their availability, establish the scope in detail and generate the technical requirements for development.

From $15,000 MXN

Database query

It consists of generating a text file in programming language for SQL databases, in order to obtain the information of one or more related tables.

From $2,600 MXN

Software development

It is the implementation of a technical requirement, a piece of software. The result is usually known as: executable, interfaces, App, API, Web Services, etc. A piece of software is made up of programming procedures known as functions or methods whose objective is to perform a specific task of automating a process. For example: loading information in a table, calculating a tax, reading information from a file, consuming a method of a programming interface (API), etc.

From $31,600 MXN