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With MP version 10 free you will have access to the Learning Center 24/7 where you will find tutorial videos, diagrams and didactic material for self-learning of the software. Click here to visit the Learning Center 24/7.

Lifetime use license

MP Professional version 10

for 1 user

  • MP maintenance management
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Tools control

  • It does not allow its use in Network, share databases between various users or install the database in the cloud.
  • Compatible only with Firebird databases.
  • Does not include technical users and only unlimited queries.
  • Does not include unlimited users to report maintenance requests.
  • Does not include the use of the MPmobile App.
  • It does not include the use of the MPsolicitudes App.

Recommended for beginners in computerized maintenance management that do not require more than one user.

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    Because it is free?

    We know that it takes time to start seeing the many benefits of implementing a maintenance management system. The time-limited evaluation demos that are usually offered by the competition allow a quick glance to get a very general idea of ​​them, but the time of these demos is never long enough for you to implement them, see results and verify that they really work .

    To see the results of a CMMS implementation, you need to capture information and allow the cycles of scheduling, generating, and closing work orders to complete. Considering that many routine maintenance activities are carried out at relatively long intervals (eg monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly, etc.), a demo limited in time of use will not allow you to realize that the program really works. The consultation of records, for example, can only be appreciated after working with the program for a while and we understand that nobody wants to dedicate efforts to loading information in a system that will expire.

    That is why we believe that only with an unlimited time program will we be offering a real opportunity for you to see for yourself the benefits of implementing a CMMS. Finally, what interests us is that you know and compare the functionality of our software with other CMMS, and most importantly, that you can see for yourself the benefits of implementing a CMMS like the MP.

    We know that once you start to see results, you will most likely be interested in upgrading your version to a higher version. Uploaded information will not be lost when upgrading your software to a higher version. However, it is worth mentioning that the version that we offer you for free is a very complete version and that If you don't want or don't have the budget to purchase a higher version, you can use our free version for life on the computer on which the free program was installed..

    I applied for a license and have had no response. That I have to do?

    If you have already filled out the form to send us your data, it may take up to 5 business days for you to receive a response due to the validation process. Please check your spam/junk mail folder if you have not received a response within this time period.

    Note: After installation you will be able to use the software for up to 5 days without activating your user license.

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