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Companies today require tools that drive them to be more efficient and competitive, that is why the implementation of a CMMS / EAM generates many tangible and intangible benefits, being a strategic factor when seeking to increase levels of productivity, quality and security in a company.

Reduction of unexpected stoppages

The failure of a part due to lack of maintenance can also cause failures that paralyze production for hours or even days, generating heavy losses. Hence the importance of having a system that allows efficient and punctual management of preventive maintenance tasks, avoiding stoppages in production.

Increase in the useful life of the equipment

The constancy in the preventive maintenance of the equipment is reflected in a significant increase in their useful life.

Prevention of costly repairs

Typically, most major failures start with the wear of a minor component, which triggers a problem of much greater magnitude when failing. Avoiding these types of failures with simple preventive maintenance routines can dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

Obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 55001 certificates

In the MP you can define maintenance operations through detailed plans with activities, procedures and frequencies; in addition to keeping a record of all the tasks carried out for later analysis. These maintenance documents are available for internal and external audits, helping you to comply with global norms and standards.

Implementation of a Preventive Maintenance system

The system prevents equipment failures, mitigating the consequences on the equipment's functionality, guaranteeing its proper functioning and reliability. Through organized preventive maintenance, it is possible to foresee failures before they occur, carrying out simple routines of inspection, adjustment, lubrication or change of minor parts.

Predict equipment failures

There are activities that require taking a measurement or condition of the equipment. Each time a measurement is recorded in the system, the PM generates a graph with the history that allows predicting a trend and anticipating failure, allowing predictive maintenance to be carried out.

Accident prevention

A work environment where maintenance is limited to repairing faults, encourages work under pressure, which affects the quality of work and translates into fewer exposures to risk of damage to equipment and personnel.

Quality consistency and reliability

Maintaining assets in optimal operating conditions ensures continuity in production processes and uniformity in the quality of products and services.

Reduction of spare parts inventory levels

Reducing investment in spare parts inventory by acquiring spare parts just in time allows resources to be allocated to other productive areas.

Improves the performance of maintenance personnel

Having a CMMS that allows quick and easy access to up-to-date information reduces staff downtime by up to 45% and guarantees better staff performance.

Real-time reports

The MP allows obtaining reports with all the relevant information (inventories, equipment, etc.) to make decisions in an optimal way.

Organization and Documentation

A CMMS such as the MP allows all the information of the maintenance department to be documented, thus guaranteeing continuity in the monitoring of maintenance programs.

Notifications and alerts.

The system sends notifications to the technicians responsible for each activity, so that they carry out their work on time, avoiding delays. As well as breakdowns in units, equipment and facilities.

Prioritize activities

The system allows technicians to focus on those most critical maintenance activities; in addition to knowing the status of tasks, helping to make decisions based on planning and the results obtained.

Eliminate paperwork

CMMS maintenance software makes paperwork quite outdated, as it can be configured to capture all the necessary information automatically and in real time.

Legal and environmental regulations

Implementing robust software like MP encourages your business to comply with strict legal and environmental regulations.

Streamline purchases and acquisitions

By having full control of your equipment and inventory, the MP allows you to easily view the parts you need to purchase previously, speeding up your purchases and acquisitions.

Track labor costs

CMMS maintenance software allows you to track labor costs and reduces downtime. Stopping wasteful rework, saving energy costs by keeping equipment in tip-top condition, and increasing asset uptime, all while tracking maintenance costs so you know exactly how your budget is being spent.

A CMMS like the MP allows to increase production up to 45%

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