Assisted Distributor Program

How does the assisted reseller program work?

Responsibilities of the assisted dealer

    • Recommend our products and services to your customers and make a short business introduction based on the content of our official website.
    • Schedule an online demonstration for your client by entering your Assisted Distributor code: . In this way, it will be recorded in our records that the client was referred by you.
    • Participate in the online demonstration that the MPsoftware team will give to your referred client.
    • After the demonstration, assist your client to generate a quote using our online quote: .
    • Follow up with your client and inform us when your client is about to purchase the software or when they have already purchased it.

Responsibilities of the MPsoftware team

  • The MPsoftware team will provide your client with an online demo of the software.
  • MPsoftware will provide you with advertising material (folder, brochures and pens).
  • MPsoftware will invoice your client.
  • The MPsoftware team will provide the After-Sales service to your client (free technical support, free training, etc).

As a assisted dealer you don't have to spend your time studying the software.

In addition, we support you by carrying out any demonstration that is required and we provide after-sales technical support service.

Remuneration table

Product or Service

Remuneration percentage

Lifetime license in Business or Professional version
Annual subscription of Basic, Professional or Enterprise version
20% initial commission for one time only
Online training packages
Training at the customer's premises
IOT Device Configuration Service

You can see prices of our products and services in the online quote

Go to the online quote

Payment terms and requirements

  • MPsoftware will pay the entire commission to the assisted distributor once the customer's payment has been received in full.
  • All commission payments are against delivery of an invoice by the assisted distributor
  • A minimum of two accumulated sales to different customers are required to qualify for the commission. 
  • The assisted distributor discount for the first occasion is applied by means of a credit note that will be paid together with the commission corresponding to the second sale.  
  • The validity of the contact will be made through the Assisted Distributor code entered in the online demonstration form
  • The market is free and territory exclusivity is not granted


Which are the next steps?

1st Fill out this form

    2nd The sales team will send you your Assisted Distributor code to the email provided.